Certified Tree Farm Inspector

June 8, 2021

HHP’s very own Matt Apgar, NH Licensed Forester #224 has yet another notch in his belt. Matt has been recognized as a Certified Tree Farm Inspector, committing to sustainably managing our customers wood, water, wildlife, and recreation. Dedicating his life to the forestry industry Matt works to give people the tools they need to be effective stewards of America’s forests. Prior to joining HHP in 2020, Matt served the citizens of NH as a Forest Ranger for 12 years. In his capacity as a Ranger, Matt was responsible for the enforcement of our states laws as they pertain to forestry and logging, as well as wildland fire fighting. Privately owned woodlands are vital to our states clean water and air, wildlife habitat, recreational activities, and producing the jobs, wood, and paper products that are essential every day.


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