What are your woodland goals?

FREE Onsite Consultation: We offer an opportunity for you, the landowner, to meet with our Licensed Forester, discussing the many factors that can be involved, including landowner goals, timber health, invasive species, insects, and pest concerns.

Underlying everything HHP does is a commitment to responsible forestry and best management practices. Our business is dependent on a sustainable supply of wood, and it’s imperative that our forests remain healthy and productive. About 80% of the wood HHP uses is purchased as standing timber directly from New England landowners, and harvested under the oversight of HHP’s state licensed forester.

As a long-time member of the timberland and woods products industries, our jobs entail many environmental and natural resource concerns. Awareness of these issues and our ability to respond to changing situations and market conditions has enabled us to succeed in providing desired results for forest landowners.

Land & Home Real Estate

We Buy & Sell Land! HHP Inc. works with individuals and organizations looking to sell or add timberland to their investment portfolio. Our focus is long-term cash returns on investments while keeping responsible forest stewardship at the forefront. HHP has access to thousands of properties in our private database.

Timber Cruising & Evaluation

Cruising timber is a critical tool in forest management. A timber cruise is a tool used by our licensed NH forester and procurement personnel to determine the land and timber value of an area. This will include a financial analysis as well as a growth & yield model. This is a vital step for ANY estate planning, purchase, sale, or asset evaluation. Let HHP help secure your family’s future.

Forest Management Planning

Whether appraising the value of your land and timber or creating a harvest plan to meet your goals, we work directly with landowners, step-by-step and in multiple areas involved in their timber harvest and forest management. This allows for our high standards in providing clear, concise, efficient, and quality wor, keeping the land/homeowner comfortable and involved.

Our goal is to practice long term management with the landowner to maintain a healthy forest for continued timber production, wildlife, recreation, and water quality. The decisions of today’s forest landowners influence what our valuable forest resources will look like for generations to come.

Timber Marking

Tree marking involves the precise selection of trees for harvest based on a forest management prescription. Specific trees are selected to be cut or left, based on their growth potential, ability to provide seed, or wildlife benefits in the forest. This selection process takes into consideration numerous individual tree characteristics, not just tree size. Each tree to be cut is marked with paint to ensure that the prescription is followed by all HHP woodland crew.

GPS & GIS Mapping & Boundary Line Maintenance

Geographical Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS)

Mapping helps clients make good decisions. Mapping has become an instrumental part of forest management since its creation in the early 1960’s. HHP assists landowners with highly accurate aerial photograph/imagery maps showing exact property boundaries, wildlife habitat investigation, and forest stand identification.

Maintaining property lines and boundaries is one of the most important, often overlooked forms of protection from timber theft, trespass, and encroachment. HHP can assist a landowner with either a temporary or more permanent boundary, lasting an estimated ten to thirty years.

Woodland Stewardship Programs

With a multitude of resources available, HHP can help you understand the programs and requirements your land may qualify for. Both State and Federal programs exist that offer support to landowners improving, maintaining, and enhancing their natural ecosystems:

  • Tree Farm Certification
  • Current Use Enrollment
  • Completion of all necessary State & local forms for landownders


Landowners, loggers and other log vendors should note that HHP buys 10 million board feet of timber and 150,000 tons of pulpwood annually, and is interested in procurement of all species on a year round basis.