The Growth Factory

June 8, 2021

HHP is has been laser-focused over the last 12 months. Positioning for the new era of customers buying needs while staying hyper focused on the world around us. Continuous improvement is a key part of our mission statement. With that said we are thrilled to announce the completion of 4 additional massive state of the art hardwood kilns. Increasing our capacity by 3.6 million KD board feet each year. We are thankful to our long-time partners at Nyle, our friends to the north, in Maine for joining hands in creating this amazing addition. We choose to work again with Nyle being a New England based company that is on top of their game, & an industry leader. Nyle understands the crucial need to reduce emissions for a sustainable future and there was no better team to turn to. Their origins date back to 1978 when they patented the XDH Dehumidification system which became the core of a very successful line of dehumidification lumber dryers for the hardwood market.


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